WISH makes the MacArthur 100&Change Top 100

A Revolution Inspired by Women and Created for All

We have reached a major milestone! We are delighted to officially announce that The MacArthur Foundation has selected our “Women-Inspired Strategies for Healthcare (WISH): A Revolution Against Cervical Cancer” among the Top 100 out of 755 proposals. This is an incredible opportunity to alter the paradigm of cervical cancer through a $100 million grant, in addition to joining MacArthur philanthropic affiliate, Lever for Change. We could not have made it to the MacArthur Top 100 without the support and collaboration of our partners. Scroll down to see our list of partners and visit our website to learn more about the WISH Revolution Team.

It has been a long and exciting journey, but we still have a long way to go. Women from marginalized, rural, and socio-economically disadvantaged communities need to travel great distances to access services for cervical cancer prevention. Even if they do travel to access medical services, women may not always get effective care. In addition to these structural barriers, the exam itself can make women feel extremely vulnerable, which is a significant deterrent.

Our WISH Revolution model empowers women to get screened for cervical cancer on their own terms, enables them to get treatment by providers from their own communities, and empowers them to advocate for each other to create a multiplier effect that serves more women and saves more lives. Our technological innovations combined with education and empowerment make this a reality.

Our Goal:

To reach five million women in two epicenters, Peru and Kenya, and reduce deaths by 50% in 5 years; we will draw on the lessons learned to expand to India and catalyze a global, women-led revolution against cervical cancer through our long-standing international partnerships.

Share your thoughts. Stay tuned.

There is still a long way to go to end the threat of cervical cancer and achieve the democratization of reproductive health around the globe. Together we believe the change is imminent and inevitable. Share your experiences and tweet about a topic related to women’s health that is important to you. Tag us @DukeGWHT and use the hashtags #WISHRevolution #CervicalCancer #100andChange. Also, follow us on Twitter and Facebook to receive all the latest updates.

Thank You to Our Collaborators!

We could not have made it to the MacArthur Top 100 without the support and collaboration of our partners. Visit our website to view a full list of the WISH Revolution Team and collaborators.

Questions? Contact us by visiting GlobalWomensHealthTechnologies.com