Recap of “Facing Hard Numbers & Hard Conversations: The Non-Consensual Origins of Gynecology”

A woman protests beside the empty pedestal where a statue of J. Marion Sims used to stand. Activist groups demanded the removal of the statue, which celebrated Dr. Sims’ achievements as “brilliant” without acknowledging the women who endured his painful experiments. Photo from NPR

“How are we to prevent what has been ingrained in our history of gynecology from manifesting itself again in ICE facilities or in similar situations?”

“How does this history of gynecology research influence gynecological practice today, and as a future women’s health practitioner, what can I do about it?”

This painting by Robert Thum shows Dr. Marion Sims with Anarcha, a 17 year old slave was subjected to over 30 surgeries by Dr. Sims. Photo from NPR

“How can academic institutions go beyond condemning acts of racism?”

Duke Health Care Workers Take Part in “White Coats for Black Lives” March
  1. Documentary called ‘La Operacion’ about the US funded forced sterilization of 33%, yes 1/3, of the entire female population of Puerto Rico in the 1950s/1960s.
  1. A documentary on a similar program carried out against Indigenous women in Peru from 1996–2000.



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