By: Nimmi Ramanujam with Ashley White and Megan Madonna

Research and development typically begin in high-income countries. As a result, it takes significant effort and funding to make these new innovations accessible in low- and middle-income countries. This ‘trickle down’ process can take years, if not decades, to reach the populations that need these life saving technologies. …

By: Neha Shaw

The (In)visible Organ is the Duke University’s Center for Global Women’s Health Technologies’ (GWHT)storytelling initiative to destigmatize the cervix and female reproductive anatomy in research, design, and medicine. GWHT has created a film that dives into the development of the Callascope, the reflections and art based on the women who…

Director’s Blog, by Dr. Nimmi Ramanujam

Is health equity the same as health equality? Health inequities pertain to differences in health outcomes and their risk factors between social groups that are, simply put, not right. It is important to note, however, that this problem can be solved. When we refer to the term equality, the different…

Part 2: Disrupting Trickle Down Innovation & Sharing the GWHT Network

Last month in Part 1 of our series about the meaning of “Educational Innovation,” Duke undergrad Neha Shaw shared from her experiences as part of the Duke and Durham community.

“This version of educational innovation consists of practices that focus on the experience rather than merely the methods of education.”…

Part 1: The Durham Community

By Neha Shaw

We typically associate the term “innovation” with ideas of efficient, cost-effective, solutions that optimize results and success. In education, this version of innovation primarily looks like standardized courses, career-oriented curriculum, and online delivery, to name a few examples. While these practices certainly can contribute to student achievement…

Center for Global Women's Health Technologies

Innovate with passion, deliver with compassion.

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